Time for tax reform?

Laurence Field, Head of Corporate Tax, shares his views on the enquiry into UK tax policy and the tax base.
4 Feb, 2016

New Netherlands Transfer Pricing legislation

New legislation obligates two categories of multinationals to extend their Transfer Pricing report.
1 Feb, 2016

Tax return submitted: what to do now

There are five things you can do before 5 April 2016 to improve your tax position for next year, so why wait?
1 Feb, 2016

Tax avoidance: European Commission is a late joiner to the party

Laurence Field, national head of corporate tax, comments on the European Commission's proposals.
29 Jan, 2016

After Kids Company: five insights for charities

Naziar Hashemi, Not for Profit partner outlines the lessons for trustees and for charities.
29 Jan, 2016
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