Autumn Budget 2017: Navigate to succeed

Our Partners respond to the Chancellor’s speech.

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Autumn Budget 2017: our partners respond

Our partners look at all impacts of the Chancellor's 2017 Autumn Budget.
22 Nov, 2017

Few tax changes to help ‘Global Britain’

The Chancellor focused on 'Global Britain' in a digital economy post-Brexit, but there were few significant tax changes.
22 Nov, 2017
a road through the forest

Professional firms’ allocation of taxable profits under review

Professional firms
The government is amending its proposed legislation on the allocation of taxable profits.
22 Nov, 2017

Small but powerful: changes for charities

A number of small tax changes need to be scrutinised by charities affected.
22 Nov, 2017

Tackling tax avoidance and evasion

Part of the Budget focus was on tax avoidance and evasion; a number of measures were introduced to meet this objective.
22 Nov, 2017

Government provides pensions funds confidence to invest

Pension funds
Most pensions scheme Trustees and providers will welcome a period of stability. See what else the budget has in store for pension funds.
22 Nov, 2017

A light touch on higher rate taxpayers

Private clients
The Chancellor announced a number of tax administration points to reaffirm the government’s commitment to helping working people pay less tax and to ensure that everyone pays their fair share.
22 Nov, 2017

Investors: support on the horizon for innovation

Private clients
A focus on companies where there is a real risk to the capital put in by the investor.
22 Nov, 2017

Independent schools: read the fine print

Tax changes announced might seem insignificant, but many will have long-term effects.
22 Nov, 2017

Boosting the technology and manufacturing sector

The Budget provides welcome support for UK innovation.
22 Nov, 2017

VAT registration threshold review

Small businesses and organisations benefit as the registration threshold will remain at £85,000 for the next two years.
22 Nov, 2017

Tackling the digital economy

Development of the digital economy and the long term sustainability of the international corporate tax system.
22 Nov, 2017
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