Brexit Hub

Our Partners consider the impact of Brexit.

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Brexit: indirect taxes update

An outline of the likely Brexit implications and some key things that businesses could think about now in relation to their indirect tax position.
16 Jan, 2018

Free Trade Zones

VAT | Corporate
How Brexit could be an opportunity to enable Free Trade Zones in the UK.
3 Oct, 2017

New UK customs duty proposals aim to ensure ‘frictionless’ trade with EU

VAT | Corporate
Businesses should start to evaluate what it could mean for them.
17 Aug, 2017

Brexit uncertainty: What should businesses be doing about tax?

Jane MacKay, Head of tax, advises businesses on how to approach their taxes after Brexit.
10 Jul, 2017

Triggering Article 50: our partners respond

Our Partners comment on the triggering of Article 50, which will take the UK out of the EU.
29 Mar, 2017

Brexit: paving the way for greater European tax harmonisation?

Tax | Corporate
Could the UK’s decision to leave the EU be a catalyst for greater EU harmonization of taxes?
6 Mar, 2017

UK manufacturing to emerge winners post-Brexit

UK manufacturing have the skills to adapt to Brexit while remaining competitive and attractive to overseas investment.
20 Feb, 2017

More Europe, not less: the business impact of a common set of EU tax rules

Tax | Corporate
Further harmonisation expected as the EU refocuses after Brexit
2 Nov, 2016

Four key VAT changes for businesses after Brexit

VAT | Corporate
What businesses can do to prepare for the triggering of Article 50.
14 Oct, 2016

Brexit: the VAT impact for business

VAT | Corporate
Indirect tax will be changing for businesses. Robert Marchant, Corporate VAT Partner, surveys the landscape.
14 Oct, 2016

Brexit: shout above the noise

Brexit presents opportunities for companies willing to see them.
8 Sep, 2016

Brexit and charities: only certainty is uncertainty

Tax | Charities
Six ways charities can plan for the future in spite of uncertainties facing the sector in the wake of Brexit.
28 Jul, 2016
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