Budget 2017: steps to success

Our Partners respond to the Chancellor's speech.

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Steps to a fairer tax system

David Mellor, Chief Executive give his comments following the Chancellor's speech.
8 Mar, 2017

Hammond produced the Budget we expected for Corporates

The Chancellor has said he wants to give businesses stability; will he also listen to them?
8 Mar, 2017

Budget 2017: Pensions see small steps

Pension funds
A quiet budget for pensions, but we see ahead a tightening up in several areas.
8 Mar, 2017

Budget 2017: tax lock still on track

Private clients
The Chancellor's Budget means investors will notice a further reduction in income.
8 Mar, 2017

Small turns of the dial for professional firms

Professional firms
Some small changes for firms, reduction in dividend allowance, employment tax updates and NIC changes for partners.
8 Mar, 2017

Budget 2017: ‘steady as she goes’ for partners, for now

Professional firms
There were few serious NIC or pensions changes for partners in professional practices
8 Mar, 2017

Budget 2017: the VAT landscape is under the shadow of Brexit

Although nothing specific was announced, we see straws in the wind for the future.
8 Mar, 2017

Employment tax Budget changes from 6 April 2017

Employers encouraged to remunerate their employees in different ways, but the tax system is inconsistent.
8 Mar, 2017

Budget 2017: new measures for academies

Unremarkable in many ways but some announcements will be of interest to academies.
8 Mar, 2017

Employment tax updates for independent schools

Announcements that will be of particular interest to schools.
8 Mar, 2017

Budget 2017: Charities see few changes

Non profits
Some good news for charities, however many will see little change.
8 Mar, 2017

Budget 2017: continues the squeeze on family businesses

Private clients
The Chancellor proposes to tackle the tax playing field.
8 Mar, 2017
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