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The many VAT issues facing corporate and business.

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Making Tax Digital for VAT

MTD is expected to be the most fundamental change to the tax administration system for at least 20 years and organisations should be aware that the VAT changes are just the starting point.
28 Feb, 2018

Single supply but two VAT rates?

If you sell a bundle of items in one transaction you should review what rate or rates of VAT is to be applied to those sales.
27 Feb, 2018

Making Tax Digital for VAT: public consultation

VAT | Corporate
Businesses with a turnover above the VAT registration threshold will have to keep their VAT records digitally and submit their VAT data to HMRC through compatible software.
8 Jan, 2018

Confirmation: management of DB schemes is subject to VAT

VAT | Pension funds
Significant VAT will continue to be incurred on the management of DB schemes and sponsoring employers should consider how to ensure this VAT can be recovered.
4 Dec, 2017

VAT registration threshold review

Small businesses and organisations benefit as the registration threshold will remain at £85,000 for the next two years.
22 Nov, 2017

Online marketplaces and VAT of traders

The government intends to extend the scope of existing liability rules for online marketplaces with penalties for those who do not comply.
22 Nov, 2017

Future VAT consultations announced

The proposed future changes to UK VAT rules affect a wide range of business sectors.
22 Nov, 2017

The end of claims for compound interest

VAT | Corporate
Littlewoods litigation claims for compound interest, has been dismissed: businesses are only entitled to the payment of simple interest.
1 Nov, 2017

Understanding partial exemption

VAT | Business
If your business makes both taxable and VAT exempt supplies, these calculations apply to you.
23 Oct, 2017

Free Trade Zones

VAT | Corporate
How Brexit could be an opportunity to enable Free Trade Zones in the UK.
3 Oct, 2017

Making Tax Digital for VAT: change is coming

VAT | Corporate
The changes may impact your VAT processes, businesses need to prepare themselves.
19 Sep, 2017

New UK customs duty proposals aim to ensure ‘frictionless’ trade with EU

VAT | Corporate
Businesses should start to evaluate what it could mean for them.
17 Aug, 2017
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