The Financial Cost of Fraud 2017

15 Feb, 2017

The economic effects of fraud are clear: private companies are less financially healthy and stable, the quality of public services is reduced, individual citizens have less disposable income and charities are deprived of resources needed for charitable purposes. In every sector in every country, fraud has a serious and detrimental impact on the quality of life.

This 2017 report, the fifth in the annual series, is based on extensive global research, building on previously established direct knowledge, collating and analysing data gathered from Europe, North America, Australasia and Africa.


Download The Financial Cost of Fraud

The Financial Cost of Fraud 2017

  • Types of income and expenditure and the nature of the figures.
  • Fraud and error losses.
  • Recommendations.

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Press coverage of this report [pdf]

  • Daily Mail
  • City A.M.
  • The Sun
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