Free Trade Zones

3 Oct, 2017

Part of the UK’s post Brexit international trade strategy

This report is by way of follow-up to our original article in February 2017 in which we asked whether Brexit could allow the UK government to re-introduce Free Trade Zones as part of its aspirations to boost manufacturing in the UK, international trade and to promote local businesses. We seek to consider in additional detail the mechanics of what would be involved, both legally and operationally, in establishing Free Trade Zones in the UK.

Download our Free Trade Zone report to learn about:

  • the mechanics of a Free Trade Zone
  • the potential barriers to overcome
  • how Brexit could be an opportunity enabling Free Trade Zones to be used in the UK
  • some examples of the financial savings which could be achieved.

The report also provides examples of current working Free Trade Zones.

For more information or to speak about this in further detail, please contact Robert Marchant or
Ian Weekes.

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