In a competitive marketplace, retail businesses need the right advice.

Advisory services

Strategies for growth

  • Business modelling
  • Market listing
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Trading partnerships

Releasing potential

  • Diversification and market segmentation
  • Trading partnerships
  • Exports overseas
  • Fundraising and investment

Maximising efficiencies

  • Cost minimising
  • Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting
  • Workforce rewards and benefits
  • Risk identification and management

International expansion

  • Exports overseas
  • Overseas branches
  • International workforce specialist advice
  • Valuations and market due diligence

Tax services

  • Maximising capital allowances
  • Research and development (R&D) claims
  • Business tax advice
  • Dealing with HMRC

Audit services

  • Statutory audit
  • Audits and business assurance
  • Internal audits, including IT

Case study

Our team was chosen in a competitive tender process to undertake a review of the structure of a large independent retailer. The client saw the value in choosing a firm with a national reach and a solid grasp of their structure, coupled with retail advisory experience. The business had grown over several decades and had a complex structure, which the group’s bankers found confusing. This led to protracted negotiations over facilities renewal.

The corporate finance and tax teams reviewed the structure and proposed a rationalisation strategy which would make banking easier, the business simpler to administer and satisfy the cash requirements of the owners in a tax efficient way.

We were subsequently asked to take over the audit and tax affairs of the business and to look after the tax affairs of the family, showing how our collaborative approach and sector-specific knowledge helps us to best meet the needs of our clients.

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Capital Markets update

Capital Markets
The team completed 12 deals with companies operating in 11 different countries in H1 2017.
30 Aug, 2017

Reporting on payment practices and performance

Advisory | Professional firms
We explain what is involved for large companies and LLPs.
26 May, 2017
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