Helping you serve your communities.

Organisations we work with:

  • Arts, cultural and heritage
  • Grant-makers
  • Membership organisations
  • Research organisations
  • Social care and welfare
  • Students’ unions
  • Trade unions

Our services

Audit, Assurance and compliance

Understanding your differing levels of assurance and delivering reviews that are more than compliance checks and consider value for money.

Change and transformation

Implementing lasting sustainable change to achieve your strategic objectives.

Performance management

Helping you to identify record and report what matters; taking account of critical success factors and your wider reporting needs.

Planning and strategy

Supporting you to define your strategy and plan for its implementation.

Assessing and managing risk

Identifying the best risk assurance framework for your organisation – one that will drive your strategy’s implementation.

Tax planning and compliance

We generate strategies that are pragmatic and focused on your needs. We work to maximise opportunities and minimise costs. We’ll argue the arguable all the while ensuring you comply with the rules.

Operational effectiveness

We help you ensure that your structures, procedures and operations are designed to maximise your effectiveness and value for money.

Change and transformation

We not only help to identify what needs to change, but advise on how to make it happen. We help our clients define and create commitment for change as well as helping to manage the barriers.

Support services

Outsourcing services for your accounting and payroll services.

Strategic alliance and collaborative working

Organisations often need to enter partnerships, joint ventures or strategic alliances, sometimes leading to a full merger. We have the knowledge and experience to help you set clear goals, decide a structure, carry out due diligence and more.

Benefits of working with us

  1. Understanding the perspective of your key influencers
    We can help present financial information in ways which not only comply with complex Regulators’ requirements, but help stakeholders to grasp your story. This delivery can influence decisions made by funders, donors, trustees, beneficiaries and regulators.
  2. Insights which tackle today and tomorrow’s conversation
    We have an extensive event programme which spans across all nine of our industries. Much of our training focuses on specific function perspectives e.g. fundraisers and trustees ensures that those attending leave not only with an understanding but practical guidance on how to fulfil their responsibilities.
  3. Practical solutions to your issues
    We have seen the challenges and opportunities of working in your operating environment and we are able to take pragmatic positions and make realistic assessments based on our demonstrable experience with each of our industries.
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Spring Statement: Announcements and consultations

An outline covering further public consultations initiated by HMRC in relation to potential future changes.
13 Mar, 2018

New HMRC guidance on grants and contracts

HMRC have at last issued their latest guidance on grants and contracts after a long period of review.
22 Jan, 2018
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