Our specialist teams work with INGOs across the globe.

Audit, Assurance and compliance

  • Grant and loan management and funder reporting
  • Developing frameworks for the preparation and review of global accounts
  • Compliance with local laws and regulations
  • In-country audits and investigations

Tax planning and compliance

  • Employment advice on working overseas in particular local laws and tax
  • VAT planning and cross charges
  • Maximising input VAT recovery
  • Trading and social enterprises
  • Place of business and international tax issues
  • Exemptions available for charities in different geographies

Assessing and managing risk

  • Enterprise wide risk management that understands the INGO environment
  • Fraud management – prevention, detection and response including asset recovery
  • Internal audit assistance and the development of internal audit programmes and reporting protocols
  • Developing checklists and audit needs assessments for overseas operations
  • Responding to enquiries and investigation from regulators and funders

Operational effectiveness

  • Advising on governance and organisational effectiveness, both in UK and overseas
  • Structuring advice, registering local offices and obtaining banking and currency clearances
  • Negotiating local requirements such as customs clearance, tax status, registration, visas and work permits
  • Developing common accounting and internal control systems and reporting protocols

Planning and strategy

  • Strategic planning, performance management and financial management
  • Assistance in all areas of setting up operations internationally and relocation planning
  • Assisting in the structuring of local resource mobilisation and capacity building

Performance measurement

  • Accountability and evaluation reviews of value for money, outputs, outcomes and impacts
  • Fundraising benchmarking
  • Providing benchmark information for in country costs and carrying out value for money studies
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Spring Statement: Announcements and consultations

An outline covering further public consultations initiated by HMRC in relation to potential future changes.
13 Mar, 2018

Crowe beats Big 4 in charity audit field

Audit | Non profits
Latest Charity Financials Audit League Table places Crowe Clark Whitehill atop 893 audit firms.
17 Aug, 2017
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