IT Risk Advisory


General IT controls

High-level analysis and overview from a risk and control perspective of your:
  • ICT management
  • change management
  • data processing
  • user access controls
  • network security
  • computer security
  • disaster recovery and business continuity.
We deliver: recommended efficiencies.

Cyber security

Helping you prevent data breaches by:
  • mapping your entire IT environment
  • identifying main systems and underlying processes
  • diagramming where data are stored and processed
  • pinpointing vulnerabilities.
We deliver: cyber security report for your action.

Business continuity planning

Prepare for the worst that can happen. We:
  • focus on the disaster recovery capabilities of your IT department
  • expand the review to cover your firm’s business processes across the firm
  • unify separate strands of recovery planning to diagram incident readiness
  • analyse strengths and weaknesses.
We deliver: holistic business continuity plan improvements and recommendations.

Information Governance

Your controls must meet a number of standards, including the UK Data Protection Act. We:
  • review your data environment
  • analyse risks and vulnerabilities of your information governance
  • highlight areas of potential or actual non-compliance with the Act
  • identify potential or actual non-compliance with sector-specific standards (e.g. the NHS toolkit).
We deliver: specific recommended improvements.

Automated processes and management information

Keep these accurate, secure and available by having us:
  • identify critical automated and management information processes
  • mapping these end-to-end via the system interfaces
  • analyse potential weaknesses.
We deliver: recommendations to upgrade these areas.

System implementation

Keep your system implementation projects on track. We are experts in PRINCE 2 and Agile, and can:
  • analyse the procedures throughout the system implementation process
  • carry out an end-to-end review
  • give mid-project updates so that weaknesses are amended before issues can arise
  • review lessons learned.
We deliver: enhanced current and future project processes through action plans and check-lists.

IT strategy reviews

Getting IT right means getting your business support right.
  • review existing IT strategies, specifically content, adequacy and alignment to business strategy
  • draft new IT strategies.
We deliver: strategy-based procedures that map future efficiencies.

Data extraction and analysis

Are you aware of what your data are telling you? We use our IDEA software to:
  • analyse large volumes of data to understand trends and potential issues within your organisation
  • help to identify upcoming issues before they crystallise
  • run a range of analytical processes
  • test accuracy and robustness of your procedures
We deliver: in-depth insights about your data.
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