Pension funds: Independent Trustees

As a Trustee, you need technical expertise to help you implement your legal requirements.

Assurance planning and reporting

Trustees are required to demonstrate that processes and controls are in place to identify and mitigate risks.

We can work with you to:

  • deliver feedback on your governance framework
  • benchmark you scheme’s financial controls in the areas of investments, benefits and contributions against your peers
  • review your assurance and governance arrangements and operations and provide:
    • a fit-for-purpose assessment
    • recommendations
    • efficiencies
  • develop an assurance plan to test your scheme’s controls over an agreed period
  • help you embed risk management into your scheme’s operations
  • evaluate your risk register
  • analyse your reporting procedures to trustees.

Internal Controls Review

Your internal controls over the strategic, financial and operational procedures of your organisation should be reviewed regularly to see if they are delivering to the standards you require.

Our internal controls review assesses whether your organisation operational effectiveness has been achieved. We look at:

  • effectiveness
  • efficiency
  • fiancial reporting standards
  • compliance processes
  • policies

An independent review gives you the assurance that your stewardship is on a solid foundation.

GDPR, fraud, cyber-risk

We offer you a full risk advisory service, covering:

  • fraud
  • cyber-risk
  • GDPR guidance

We also help you in understanding Integrated Risk Management (IRM).
See our full risk advisory services

AAF accreditation

We can help your organisation achieve AAF accreditation.

Trustees are required to consider and report against quality standards developed by the Pensions Regulator. The master trust assurance framework allows trustees to demonstrate they have established suitable governance controls in accordance with regulatory guidance.

More information about AAF accreditation can be found on our Defined Benefits Scheme page.

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Milk Pension Fund is latest Crowe pension audit win

Pension funds
Our Manchester office has been selected as auditors to the Milk Pension Fund, a multi-employer fund which grew out of the original Milk Marketing Board scheme.
14 Feb, 2018

Government provides pensions funds confidence to invest

Pension funds
Most pensions scheme Trustees and providers will welcome a period of stability. See what else the budget has in store for pension funds.
22 Nov, 2017
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