Forensic and Counter Fraud Services

Helping protect your business against fraud.

Our services

Counter Fraud

  • measuring
  • managing
  • minimising fraud as a business cost

Forensic accounting

  • expert witness
  • business valuations
  • matrimonial disputes
  • commercial disputes
  • expert determination

Investigation and intelligence

  • expert investigations
  • litigation support
  • business intelligence services
  • due diligence
  • advanced data analytics

Cybercrime protection

  • cyber security and resilience
  • penetration testing
  • investigation
  • mitigation of the damage caused by data breaches
Investing in fraud prevention can deliver a return as high as 12:1, with a reduction in fraud-related losses of up to 40%, within 12 months.

About our team

We are specialists with a high-level national and international track record built up over many years. We have advised clients of all different types and sizes, including governments, major national and international companies and high profile charities.

We have a strategic partnership with Europe’s premier research institute on fraud, the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies at the University of Portsmouth. Jim Gee, head of the team, is also Visiting Professor and Chair of the Centre.

Our research and data

Crowe and the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies manage the largest databases in the world concerning the nature and cost of fraud. These contain 19 years of data concerning 558 loss measurement exercises from many countries and across 40 types of expenditure with a total value of £13.27 trillion.

We also manage the largest existing database concerning fraud resilience (the government-accepted measure of protection against fraud) with data from over 1200 organisations and across most sectors.

We use the data to provide information to organisations to help them assess their fraud risks and to measure their counter-fraud measures, for our extensive series of reports, and as the basis of our Self Assessment Fraud Resilience tool.

The latest global research shows that losses to fraud average 5.85% of an organisation’s expenditure

What is Fraud Resilience?

Fraud Resilience is a measure of how well organisations protect themselves against fraud.

It was originally sponsored by the Government’s National Fraud Authority, and is an holistic approach that encompasses everything an organisation needs to do (strategic, pre-emptive, reactive and governance-related) to protect itself against fraud. It measures:

  • how well an organisation understands the nature and cost of fraud affecting it
  • whether an organisation has an effective strategy to address the problem
  • whether an organisation has a counter fraud structure to implement its strategy
  • whether an organisation takes a range of pre-emptive and reactive actions to counter-fraud
  • the extent to which fraud is addressed and managed like any other business issue.

An organisation that is fraud resilient has the systems and processes necessary to prevent and deter fraud

A Fraud Resilience assessment is an important starting point for organisations as it diagnoses the areas requiring urgent attention.

We apply a government-accepted fraud resilience methodology to all our forensic and counter-fraud work.

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The Financial Cost of Fraud 2018

Crowe’s latest global fraud research shows an epidemic costing the UK £110 billion – £3.2 trillion globally.
21 May, 2018

The importance of cyber due diligence in corporate deals

Comments from Jim Gee on a recent Times article about Cybercrime.
11 Apr, 2018
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