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Fraud and Financial Investigations

Where a fraud or other financial loss through dishonesty occurs, we can assemble the right team to discover what has happened, to identify those responsible and, more importantly, to prevent further loss (financial and reputational) and to recover what has been taken.

Our investigators understand the impact that fraud and other financial crime can have on an organisation and its people and recognise the need to act swiftly and discreetly.

Holding professional qualifications and with many years practical experience, we adhere to the stringent legislative requirements that apply to this work, ensuring that the range of sanctions remain available, whether these be criminal, civil or regulatory.

We have access to resources throughout the world, enabling us to trace assets and the proceeds of the wrongdoing, wherever they may be and have worked with numerous organisations, small and large, in the public, private and charitable sectors to deliver pragmatic and effective solutions.

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Business Intelligence

Undertaking a business relationship carries with it many risks, risks that can often be mitigated by knowing as much as possible about the other party, whether they are customer, supplier, or potential partner. The global market place means that we do business and source products and materials from countries where different languages, laws and customs prevail and with extensive supply chains that may include entities located on a number of different continents. The Modern Slavery Act requires large companies to identify the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking within their supply chains, illustrated by a number of recent, high-profile, media exposés. A simple Google search is not enough to identify risk.

You need not only to protect your business, but also to ensure that your organisation’s activities will not fall foul of national or international anti-money laundering legislation, and the key to this is the need to fully ‘know your customer’.

We are able to provide you with a fully researched and documented report, identifying and verifying the key personnel, organisations and locations involved, so that informed decisions can be made when entering into new contracts or reviewing existing relationships.

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