Assess your level of protection and the likely cost of fraud

Our self-assessment fraud resilience tool (SAFR) shows you:

  1. how well your organisation understands the nature and cost of fraud
  2. the effectiveness of your counter fraud strategy
  3. how well your counter fraud structure supports your strategy
  4. the strength of your pre-emptive and post-fraud management actions
  5. the standard of your fraud identification, measurement and reporting

Your answers are rated against an algorithm based on the largest databases in the world concerning the measured cost of fraud and fraud resilience managed by Crowe and the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies, giving you a fraud resilience rating, a relative percentile ranking and an indicative figure for your percentage losses.

The data you input are used in aggregate and in a completely anonymized format for research purposes only. The reliability of our research reports depend upon the trustworthiness of the data input, and we therefore reserve the right to contact users if we require clarification. Users’ data given in this form, and any further information given via personal contact, are used in strictest confidence. We are scrupulous both about the data we process and our users’ privacy and control over their personal data. If you have any questions about this statement, please contact
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Self-Assessment Fraud Resilience Tool

The better protected your organisation, the less you lose to fraud.

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