Training and Mentoring

Our courses and mentoring service are delivered by Accredited Counter Fraud Trainers.

Professional training

Where fraud or other financial crime has occurred it is essential that your organisation’s responders have a full understanding of the legislative and procedural requirements to carry out a financial crime investigation. Doing so will ensure that all possible sanctions remain available and provides the best chances to minimise loss and recover funds.

Our courses are delivered by Accredited Counter Fraud Trainers who have many years’ experience in delivering professional, university-accredited training. They have also had extensive operational experience enabling the theory to be applied to real-life situations.


Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist [16 days]
Accredited Counter Fraud Technician [5 days]Both courses are linked to the Cabinet Office’s Developing Standard for Countering Fraud and delivered in conjunction with QuestGates Limited. They are accredited by the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board and the University of Portsmouth.
Fraud Awareness [half-day]
Interactive course to make staff aware of the many forms in which financial crime can occur and to illustrate the vital role that they play in protecting their organisation’s assets.
Advanced Counter Fraud Specialist [5 days]
University-accredited course designed to equip managers and policy makers with the skills and knowledge necessary to enable them to put in place an effective strategy to protect their organisation from fraud.
Open-source Investigation [1 day]
Explores the extensive range of sources that are available on the Internet and deep-web to progress and enhance an investigation or due-diligence.
NHS Protect obligatory coursesWe offer both NHS-specific Accredited Security Management Specialist (ASMS) and Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (ACFS) training course that meet the requirements of NHS Protect and Secretary of State Directions for Local Security Management Specialists (LSMS) or Local Counter Fraud Specialists (LCFS).

Investigator mentoring

The role of investigator is a challenging one, with client or management expectations bringing pressure to bear, as well as having to deal with reluctant witnesses, hostile suspects and examining a plethora of data. Evidence may not be readily accessible and normal investigative sources may not have produced relevant material.

When faced with such circumstances investigators often find it hard to know where to start and from where support and information may be sourced, particularly if he or she is new to the role and is the sole resource investigative resource within their organisation.

Our Investigator Mentoring Service offers low-cost, confidential support from our team of accredited and experienced counter fraud specialists. We can talk through the problems being faced and offer possible solutions and strategies to deal with the difficulties being experienced.

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