Support and advice to help you meet your governance, risk and control requirements.

Our specialist areas include:

  • UK Corporate Governance Code and Turnbull compliance
  • Board performance evaluation
  • Business risk profiling
  • IT audit and security reviews
  • Royalty auditing and Sarbanes-Oxley S404 advice and resourcing

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance: the systems and processes your organisation has in place to protect and enhance the interests of your stakeholders.
  • Corporate governance health-check Review overall culture, capability, compliance and consistency
  • Board performance evaluation Evaluate of the board, its committees, and individual directors
  • Policies and procedures review Assess policies and procedures to ensure key areas are aligned to operational and strategic needs.

Internal Audit

Internal control: the policies, processes, tasks and behaviours that enable your organisation to respond to significant business risks.
  • Internal control effectiveness reviews Document, review and test design and operation of internal control systems
  • Sarbanes-Oxley S404 support Help you manage and deliver US S404 financial reporting requirements
  • SAS 70 and AAF 02/07 reviews Undertake the reporting accountant role for both the US:SAS 70 and the UK: AAF 02/07 assurance reporting
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) support Review and help improve your BCP capabilities

IT Risk Advisory

  • Review of general IT controls High-level analysis and overview from a risk and control perspective
  • Cyber security Helping you prevent data breaches
  • Business continuity planning Deliver process improvements and recommendations
  • Information governance Ensure your controls must meet legal standards, including the UK Data Protection Act
  • Automated processes and management information reviews Reporting on the accuracy, security and availability of your processes
  • System implementation reviews Keep your system implementation projects on track with our PRINCE 2 and Agile expertise
  • IT strategy reviews Strategy-based procedures that map efficiencies
  • Data extraction and analysis In-depth insights about your data
full details of our IT Risk Advisory services

Risk Management skills

Having risk management expertise adds tangible value to your organisation.
  • Risk management advice Identify, assess, monitor and report
  • Risk management training Develop and deliver risk management training programmes
  • Risk management workshops Facilitate risk profiling workshops using electronic voting tools and techniques.

Internal Controls

  • International branches
  • Trading partnerships
  • Exports to high-growth emerging markets

Software Services

  • Magique Web-based software that allows you to participate in the risk-management process.
  • Galileo Audit management system providing comprehensive risk-based auditing functionality.
More info on our software services
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