PAYE Risk Assessment

Our specialist team can offer immediate support with a confidential free initial consultation.

What is PAYE Compliance?

PAYE compliance covers all areas of employment tax:

  • PAYE and NIC
  • benefits and expenses
  • unapproved share schemes
  • filing and reporting obligations.

Our PAYE Risk Assessments

Getting things wrong can be extremely costly for your business.

Our PAYE risk assessment can identify areas of risk, and we make recommendations to put things right. Where irregularities are discovered and a disclosure to HMRC is required, we will work towards mitigating the potential liability.

We have a dedicated team, including former tax inspectors, who have a significant amount of experience in assessment, producing reports, and advising on PAYE compliance.

What we can provide

  • A full assessment covering all aspects of employment tax
  • A review on a specific area.

The full risk assessment will be similar to a review carried out by HMRC. However, our emphasis will be to identify and reduce the risk areas, mitigate as much as possible any disclosures to HMRC, and ensure compliance measures are put in place for the future.


At the end of our full review or specific area assessment, we give you a full written report or verbal feedback in anticipation of any subsequent presentation of our findings to your Board or Trustees.

What we can review

  • The overall operation of PAYE.
  • The reporting of benefits in kind on forms P11D.
  • The correct treatment of entertainment expenses in particular staff only entertaining.
  • Termination payments and pay in lieu of notice.
  • Travel expenses (both in the UK and abroad).
  • Operation of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).
  • The correct status of workers (employed or self-employed).
  • The reporting requirements for both approved and unapproved share schemes.
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