Code of Practice 8

What is Code of Practice (COP) 8?

COP 8 is used in cases where there has been a significant loss of revenue to HMRC as a result of a complex tax arrangement or avoidance scheme being used, but usually no suspected fraud.
These cases can vary widely in scope, which makes it important to seek professional advice before speaking to HMRC.

Why you should seek professional advice

  • While there might be no suspected fraud at the outset, the investigation should be treated seriously as HMRC will usually believe a large amount of tax is at stake.
  • These cases usually involve a large amount of data gathering and analysis which may be complex.
  • A professional advisor can help you to understand the scope of HMRC’s powers and the information they are able to request from the outset.
  • Your penalties may be significantly reduced if a high quality disclosure is made.

How can we help?

  • We take a personal approach and make sure we clarify complex issues so that you are kept fully informed throughout the process.
  • COP 8 enquiries are daunting, but our multi-award winning team has experience from both an HMRC and advisor perspective and can guide you throughout.
  • We take a hands-on approach. Some cases require a robust stance to be taken with HMRC, or a practical or discreet solution needs to be negotiated.
  • We have successfully defended a number of clients who are subjected to enquiries by HMRC.
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Professional advice can help defend against HMRC penalties

Tax Investigation
A recent First Tier Tribunal case has shown that advice sought from a professional advisor can help defend against proposed HMRC penalties.
5 Jan, 2018

Agents: beware of HMRC’s ‘informal’ enquiries

Tax Investigation
HMRC are telephoning agents to make friendly, 'informal' enquiries about entries in their clients' tax returns. Beware: this circumvents the rules.
2 Nov, 2017
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